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Project Dignitycare - Diaper Donation Program

Audelacare™ is proud and committed to serve the Singaporean community. We strongly believe that everyone has to do their part, and we have been helping out with various initiatives since our inception. One important part is through the donation of diapers on our part to help the underprivileged community, giving them the confidence to move around freely. However, we realized that there are many amongst us that need our help.

Thus, we decided to seek the help of others in the community, by providing a platform whereby they could contribute to making the lives of the needy better. Thanks to the support of these donors, together we were able to donate a total of 1335 packs of diapers to Southeast Community Development Council and Touch Community Services and a total of 2460 packs of diapers to Central Community Development Council and Thye Hua Kwan Moral Societies.

Our goal is to continually strive to return dignity back to the unprivileged community, giving them the freedom to move about with ease.

Future Collaboration

This time around, Audelacare™, through Project Dignity 3, is looking to partner with Northeast Community Development Council and Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore (MDAS) to help some of their beneficiaries.

If you have not heard of Audelacare™’s latest diaper donation program -

Let us all contribute and together we will make a difference.

A small gesture goes a long way!


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