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Everything You Need To Know About Audelacare!

Founded in 2018. Audelacare’s main objective is to contribute to the elderly community in Singapore. The aim is to give the elderly the confidence to move freely, despite their inconvenience. They deserve to regain their dignity and independence!

Audelacare saw that as an opportunity to give back to the community and thus created an ever-growing elder care brand that provides eldercare product solutions.

Launch of the first product “Adult Pants Diapers”

Before launching the first product “Adult Pants Diapers”, Lawrence Ng spent 6 months experimenting on different types of diapers from different countries. He carefully examined and studied the different materials used for each diaper to ensure that the materials were of high quality. Materials were and are still procured from Germany, USA, and Japan.

“I feel that diapers represent a person’s dignity, I created it as a product for elderly urinary incontinence problems. - Founder Lawrence Ng

Audelacare ensures that they provide high quality diapers with affordable prices. Customers loves it! Customers were leaving reviews on Qoo10 and on Facebook for the good service as well.

Gave out free adult diapers’ samples to customers

After the launch of the first product “Adult Pants Diapers”, they gave out free adult pants diapers as samples to their potential customers to get them to try out the product.

Audelacare provided free delivery to their potential customers for the free samples. Customers’ feedback is of utmost importance, Audelacare ensures that they follow up with them to understand their wants and needs.

Lawrence Ng, founder of Audelacare, keeps personal touch relations with the customers by introducing and explaining to them the benefits of the product. His objective is that after potential customers and users starts using the product, the message will be conveyed to their friends and family. He believes in word-of-mouth.

“I strongly believe in giving back to the world. I hope that it could help these elderlies improve their daily life with just a little bit of a solution. - Founder Lawrence Ng

Success campaign of “Project Dignitycare” diaper donation program

In 2019, Audelacare carried out a community outreach with its partner organization, Keeping Hope Alive. Adult Pants Diapers were donated to the less privileged. Audelacare hopes to continue communicating their values and message through programs like these, in the future.

Audelacare is driven by ambition and motivation to provide eldercare product solutions diligently. Audelacare believes that they will be able to strive in the Eldercare Industry.


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