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  • Audelacare™️ products are carefully designed with the everyday Singaporean in mind, ensuring that it can support an active and fast-moving lifestyle.



    Audelacare™️ Adult Underpad Product Features:


    • Larger than others in the market, thus improving leakage protection and preventing unwanted accidents from happening.


    • Uses a thicker set of materials help prevent unwanted fluids and waste from ever coming into contact with your surface, be it your bed, chair, sofa, or the floor. 


    • The special 3D diamond-shaped design ensures that the fluid is spread more quickly and more evenly on the pad, thus allowing faster absorbency and creating a drier experience.


    • The use of top quality SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) while helping in the absorption, also greatly reduces unpleasant odors, meaning that you will not have to air the room every time. 


    Pieces Per Pack: 8 Pieces

    Dimensions: 600mm x 900mm


    Please visit Adult Underpad for detail measurements

    Adult Underpad (10 Packs)

    S$49.00 Regular Price
    S$39.00Sale Price