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How does Audelacare's Adult Pants Diapers Help?

Urinary incontinence is quite common and yet it continues as a sensitive subject that people avoid discussing. While it may happen to anyone, it is more prevalent amongst the elderly. Examples of the severity of this affliction range from an accidental leak when you sneeze to having an urge to urinate suddenly but not getting to a toilet in time.

Does urinary incontinence affect your daily activities? Do you experience discomfort or rashes with your current brand of diapers? If you face these issues, you are not alone!

We have heard numerous times from new customers about how their diapers leak very quickly. The embarrassment and discomfort it brings about for the users.

All you need is a comfortable and reliable Audelacare Adult Diaper. Why is that so?

Audelacare is one of Singapore’s Top Homegrown Eldercare Brands. With our very own specially designed diapers, we believe we have the answer to addressing any urinary incontinence problems you might face!

Audelacare's Adult Diapers Benefits:


The adult diapers’ materials are procured from various parts of the USA and Europe, ensuring that we only give our customers the best value and experience money can offer. Audelacare’s Adult Pants Diapers uses high-quality breathable cloth material that is gentle on the skin and is comfortable to wear!

We use Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) to enhance absorption and a double leakage barrier is instilled along the groin region to prevent side leaks.


It is designed to fit smoothly with the contours of your body, making it feel like you just put on a pair of snug and soft underpants.

With advanced technology and our special design, we have created super absorbent and leak-proof diapers. It comes with our special wetness indicator, where it disappears upon contact with liquid so you know when it’s time to change!

Furthermore, you know that these diapers are specially designed with the everyday Singaporean in mind, with the design team based in Singapore with the focus and understanding of the elderly community here.

Growing older is not the end for you and the elderly in your home. People with urinary incontinence can live normal lives and enjoy a comfortable and yet active lifestyle. Let us give these people a chance to overcome their affliction and relieve their moment!

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