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What does Audelacare Adult Underpad look like?

Adult underpads are highly absorbent pads that amongst many uses, are employed to protect surfaces such as mattresses and chairs from urine damage and the foul smell that comes along with it. They also come in handy as a safeguard to protect your loved ones from urinal leakage when the diapers they are wearing are full.

Simply place the underpad on top of any surface area and absorb any fluid that it comes into contact with. With the superabsorbent polymer (SAP), the underpad quickly takes in the liquid, while removing any unwanted smells from lingering in the air.

While underpads are designed to be used for adult incontinence to protect the furniture, mattresses, and patients’ skin, there are alternative uses for it too! Some users have turned to it as a pee pad for their pets as well, due to its convenience, ease of use, and portability.

Audelacare’s Adult Underpads have 3 layers in total:

Top layer: Ultra-soft and breathable non-woven sheet

One of the major factors of having rashes is the skin exposing to moisture. To prevent that, the underpad is designed to effectively absorb the moisture and to present a quick-drying and clean surface for the skin.

Middle layer: An inner absorbent core that can rapidly contain moisture while dispersing it throughout the entire pad.

Bottom layer: The core and coverstock work together to retain all moisture and prevent fluid return. This is the key, as it is a strong plastic layer that prevents liquid from leaking.

An added bonus for our users is that our Adult Underpad is the largest underpad in the market! With its measurement of 60cm x 90cm. Not only does this allow you to cover large surfaces, but it also means that you can cut it to different shapes and sizes for your own needs while utilizing the rest of it for other purposes.


- Highly comfortable to use

- Skin-friendly and highly absorbent

- High quality and cost-effective

- Multi-layer for better absorption and keeps the user dry

Affordable, comfortable, and reliable all in one product!

What more could one ask for?

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