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Top 3 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Adult Diapers

It is important to select adult diapers carefully, and it may make you anxious just thinking about it. Price, comfort, and absorbency are just a few factors to consider. Fret not, we have come up with a list of common mistakes to better help make things easier for you. Here’s a quick guide on what you should avoid when purchasing adult diapers for your loved ones with incontinence.

  • Cheapest Variety

You might wonder why adult diapers are so expensive – most elderlies with moderate incontinence uses two to four diapers a day if they are using high-quality diapers.

It can be tempting to go for cheaper options when you’re on a tight budget that month. If your loved ones have heavy incontinence issues, it is highly recommended that you purchase a high-priced diaper as it provides better absorbency. It is proven to be more economical.

  • Adding an extra pad inside an absorbent underwear

If you are new to this – there has always been a misconception! It is said that adding an extra pad in the absorbent underwear, increases absorbency. THEY ARE WRONG! Adding an extra layer of pad, in fact, creates more friction and damage to the skin.

Fun Fact:

  • Bladder pads come with a plastic backing that keeps the waste matter trapped inside the pad.

  • When you place an extra pad inside your adult diapers, the waste matter will stay trapped on the adult diaper’s plastic backing and will not reach the adult diapers.

  • The waste matter left inside the extra pad will be pushed out through the leg cuffs, thus causing leaks and damage to the skin!

It will be best to get the perfect hip and waist measurements so that it’ll be a perfect fit!

  • Using an Adult Underpad instead of Adult Pants Diapers

Adult Underpad is good in a way that it allows the skin to breathe more easily. If there are signs showing bladder leaks – you probably would need a product that will effectively meet the needs of the heavy bladder.

As Adult Underpad is not able to soak up waste matter such as urine as nicely as Adult pants diapers, this results in pressure ulcers on their delicate skin.

It is essential for incontinence people to live a normal life with dignity. Make your loved one’s incontinences fruitful and simply get in touch with us for more inquiries.

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